Roy Douglas Malonson has raised the consciousness of African American people and entrepreneurs about possibilities. 1950 the Polio that left him with physical limit had no effect on his vision and drive. His late father, John Curley Malonson, Sr., Challenged him by saying, “Something is wrong with your leg, but there is nothing wrong with your mind. So work with what you have”  At age 7, Malonson was  shining shoes in his father Barber Shop and at age 13, Malonson open a woodworking shop. The company grew to become Roy’s Custom Cabinets to Malonson Construction Company to Malonson Custom Homes to Malonson Company, Inc. one of the best African American custom homebuilders in Houston.  In the early 1990s, he developed new health problems “Post-Polio Syndrome”. Once again using his mind! Getting out of the 27 year old building business and reducing his workday and devoted more time to community service and businesses he can manage by creating twelve jobs to replace him (1). Malonson has donated both time and financial support to many educational and community organizations. Help founded the Acres Home War on Drugs, the first community War on Drugs in the nation.

Founded Acres Home Citizen Chamber of Commerce, focusing on business, community and education founded the Acres Home Community Development Corp, focusing on housing. Founded the Acres Home Coalition Administrative School, the first charter school in Texas Founded the Acres Home Center for Business & Economic Development. Driving Force behind Aldine ISD Montessori /Magnet Programs Driving Force behind Long Star Community College System Victory Center Closed the deal on the Acres Home Multiservice Center Closed the deal on the Acres Home Police Station New Companies Founded by The Malonson’s In 1992 – Shirley Ann’s Black Art & Kollectibles Showroom The largest Black Art & Kollectibles Showroom in Texas and one of the largest in the nation. In 1996 – African American News&Issues The largest African American newspaper in Texas and one of the largest in the nation. In 1998 – Purchase two Domino’s Pizza, South Victory / Ella and controlling a total of ten in Houston. With one mission in mind, to deliver pizza to the African American community. Sold them after mission was accomplice. In 1998 – Malonson RS Ranch in Harris County In 2004 – RS Deer Ranch in Waller County One of two African American Whitetail Deer Breeders in the nation In 2013 – Shirley Ann’s Flower Shop In 2014 – RS Deer & Cattle Ranch in Waller County In 2014 – Shirley Ann’s Black Kollectibles & Flowers Shirley Ann Malonson, his wife of 32 years, is now the company’s President and CEO Daughter Melanie Nicole Malonson and Grand Children Tayler and Caleb.